Rafael Amargo wants to compete to be a police officer after being charged with an alleged crime of drug trafficking

The bailaor is a box of surprises. After being arrested in December 2020 for an alleged crime of drug trafficking and once again last March, Raphael Bitter has announced that he has enrolled in an academy to oppose the National Police Corps: “I’ve enrolled in the academy, but I haven’t started studying yet. It’s just beautiful. Also, do you know the embassies around the world? It’s beautiful, it’s incredible work”, he said.

Some statements that we did not expect after he himself denounced the treatment he received during his last arrest: according to his version, the agents beat and harassed him, causing injuries from which he has not yet recovered. “I still have a lump on my head from the beating they gave me and two ribs on the right side that have not turned out well and that is very difficult to heal,” he recounted. “When I defended myself, since I was tied up, the only thing left for me was to bite him. I came out crying, since I didn’t understand why they had come for me when I was 500 kilometers away, on the beach and starting from scratch.”

Bitter, who has always denounced the existence of a black hand after his two arrests, will sit on the bench next June in Madrid, where the case has been investigated. Accused of an alleged crime against public health for the alleged sale, at his own home, of narcotic substances to third parties in a “persistent” manner, he faces a nine-year prison sentence.

Just a few days ago he declared that he was going through hell: “You think about a lot of things and… I am a very brave guy but there are times when I think about getting out of the way.” Luckily, he has relied on the “love” he feels for his family: “I think I will not be the same person as before because my heart is very hurt, but I really like what I do and for the love of my children and my family I will fight until the end”.