Rafael Amargo throws a battery of darts after being acquitted: “And now who will give me back these four years?”

The Provincial Court of Madrid has acquitted the dancer Rafael Amargo of a crime against public health of which he had been accused by the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office in relation to the sale of drugs in his old apartment in Malasaña.

This is stated in a sentence, to which he had access Europa Pressin which The magistrates exonerate the dancer, his former producer Eduardo de Santos and another person tried for the same facts.

Amargo, who entered Soto del Real in November, has been provisionally released since April 12, date on which the trial was heard for sentencing. This measure was agreed upon at the request of the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office to ensure the holding of the trial after breaking the imposed measures of signing before the court.

In his statement, the artist stated that he had no need, “thank God”, to dedicate himself “to anything other than the performing arts.”remembering that she has been the “flag and bastion in Spain” of flamenco and comparing herself to Lola Flores for her “generosity.” “I have been silent for three and a half years and I am happy to be with you. I am going to tell the truth and the whole truth about this provoked crime”he pointed.

His reaction after being acquitted

“What now? Who gives me these four years back?”, he said as he left the courthouse. We must remember that it all started in December 2020 when he was arrested along with his partner and two other people within the framework of ‘operation Codax’.

“We are going to study the sentence carefully and tomorrow we are going to hold a press conference in Marcos García-Montes’ office. But the smallest and largest print says what it says, that this man [refiriéndose a él mismo] is absolved of everything“. And he warned: “The police director who set up all this will have to be held accountable, right? But I don’t know, we’ll see.”

And he added: “What I want now above all is to tell my father and mother”. When he left the judicial authorities, he was accompanied by his lawyer (the same one who defends Daniel Sancho for the murder and dismemberment of Edwin Arrieta).

He faced nine years in prison.

Rafael Amargo was facing nine years in prison for a crime against public health in an amount of notable importance, as was his producer Eduardo de Santos when the prosecutor maintained his requests for conviction.

In the reports, lawyer Marcos García-Montes requested the free acquittal of Amargo and, in the event that he was convicted, that he be given a complete defense for drug addiction and be subjected to outpatient treatment.

The telephone interventions and the testimony of the National Police investigators were the main evidence that the prosecutor had to support her accusation.. The artist’s lawyers requested to challenge these wiretaps and have finally been cancelled. Also the police searches “because the minimum requirements dictated by the law were not met” to carry out these procedures, according to the ruling. This is the main reason why the artist has won this court battle.

The investigators and the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office maintained that Rafael Amargo and Eduardo made “joint purchases” intended to finance the work of Barrena point that the accused deny as a minimum of 100,000 euros is needed.

In her report, the prosecutor stated that the movement of people in Rafael’s apartment, the second right of number 4 La Palma Street, at the time of the events investigated was proven by the testimony of the National Police agents.

The representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office mentioned the wiretaps intervened between August and November 2020 in which there was talk of quantities of drugs that exceed self-consumption and that determine the notorious importance – punishable by between 6 to 9 years in prison – citing a conversation in which a person asks for about 500 pills and another in which Rafael states that he wants a kilo of methamphetamine.