Rafa Nadal: from the drama of the floods in Mallorca to his thirteenth Roland Garros

Rafa Nadal has once again made it clear that he is an example both on and off the track. His thirteenth title at Roland Garros is the result of the perseverance that Nadal shows in each game and in each training session, from when he started under his uncle Toni Nadal until today with the help of Carlos Moyà and Francis Roig.

The extraterrestrial Nadal on a tennis court also shows his more human side and his commitment to the great problems of society. In fact, the Balearic has expressed his opinion on current affairs on many occasions speaking clearly and openly.

With his victory at Roland Garros this October, the example that Nadal is also off the slopes has been highlighted once again. In the month of October, but two years ago, Nadal put on his overalls, put on his boots and with a broom in his hand he was able to help the residents of Sant Llorenç del Cardassar after the serious floods suffered by the island of Mallorca and specifically this town, which left 12 dead and extensive material damage.

In October 2020 Nadal wanted to offer his countrymen now one of the most important titles of his career: his thirteenth Roland Garros that allows him to equal Federer's 20 Grand Slam. An example on and off the track.