Queen Sofía’s Good Friday: procession in Madrid with Infanta Cristina and a destroyed Simoneta Gómez-Acebo

Holy Week of Queen Sofia It is being intense, because if this Thursday we saw it in Malaga in the procession of the Christ of the Good Death, this Friday it was in the Royal Palace, from where the procession of the Santísimo Cristo de los Alabarderos started.

The emerita, who has been accompanied by the Infanta Cristinastarred in an emotional moment upon arrival with Simoneta Gómez-Acebowho less than a month ago mourned the sudden death of his brother Fernando at the young age of 49 years. The face of Simoneta, who did not want to miss the procession, has said it all, although she has also made a brave effort to receive the greeting of the emerita and her cousin Cristina.

During the religious service, Doña Sofía was named an honorary member of the congregation, which is why she was presented with her respective medal. Infanta Cristina and Irene of Grecia, who at 81 years old suffers from the ailments of age and was also present at the event, have also received a medal on behalf of the brotherhood.

The congregation also had some words for the entire Royal Household and, especially, for Felipe VI: “I welcome you to this chapel, Her Majesty Queen Sofia. We are very excited that you have decided to join us on the day of today. This is just a sign of our respect and adherence to the unwavering meaning of the Crown and our King.”

Infanta Cristina has accompanied her mother in this very special event after a few days in which she has been worried about her son Miguel, who suffered an accident at a ski resort in Switzerland for which he had to undergo surgery.