Queen Sofía wants to travel to Abu Dhabi to see don Juan Carlos

The news of the imminent visit of Don Juan Carlos Spain occupies the front pages of the newspapers. It will be, foreseeably, on Wednesday the 19th, he points out The world. Among his plans, he is going first to Barcelona, ​​where his friend Josep Cusí lives, who is recovering from a cerebrovascular problem, as we published. He maintains a close relationship with the owner and they speak almost daily. In addition, the former head of state also has a private lunch with Charles III in London. On this new trip to our country there are three circumstances that are repeated over time as a sequence, if we take into account its passage through Galicia in 2022: the destination is the same (Sanxenxo, in Pontevedra), the content too (the regattas ) and Zarzuela, the great stumbling block. This trip was not recorded in the Casa del Rey, which leads us to the conclusion that the emeritus has made the decision to come without prior notice.

While, doña sofia rushed his Easter holidays in Marivent. the king’s mother Philip VI, accompanied by her sister Irene, attended the mass on Holy Thursday, on the 7th, which was officiated in the church of Sang. She also received a lightning visit from Don Felipe, a private and unscheduled trip. The Queen Emeritus is the only person from the Royal Family who remains faithful to the traditional format of Holy Week in Palma.

Nostalgic for those Easter days and nostalgic for the absence of her husband, Queen Sofía has come to slip that she would be “delighted to visit Juan Carlos I in Abu Dhabi”as published The Spanish. Perhaps the very long stay of the emeritus in the Emirates, which lasts three years, and the recent visit of the infanta elenawith that image next to his father, whom he adores, and froilan That desire to fly to Abu Dhabi would have awakened him.

Perhaps next week Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía will see each other in Madrid, in Zarzuela. If so, most likely there is no photo of that meeting (there was not last year). What does seem certain is that within three weeks they will be together in an official act: at the coronation of Carlos III, in London, on May 6. There will be a photograph of that act.