Queen Sofía inaugurates a solidarity flea market and returns to Zarzuela loaded with marzipan

The emeritus inaugurated this Friday the Nuevo Futuro Rake that was once presided over by her sister-in-law, the infanta Pilar, died in January 2020. Precisely since that year and due to the pandemic, the market had been closed, which has returned with more enthusiasm than ever to the Crystal Gallery of the Cibeles Palace. The Queen Sofia He did not want to miss this solidarity event, in which he took the opportunity to buy his first Christmas gifts.

The mother of Philip VIaccompanied by the organizers of the event and the mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeidaamong others, has been very excited about the return of this endearing event for which the Don Juan Carlos I He donated clothes on occasion. Doña Sofía not only supports the cause with her presence but she always buys from the stalls that meet during these weeks. On this occasion, the emerita has purchased provisions for all Christmas at the Carmelite nuns’ beach bar and has returned to Zarzuela loaded with marzipan, pasta and honey.

It hasn’t been the only thing. Doña Sofía has also acquired some BRACELET (which she will surely give to her daughters and granddaughters) and some porcelain pieceslike some sauce boats and some frogs.

On his journey he has encountered Margaret Vargas, the wife of Luis Alfonso de Borbón, who always collaborates in the cause: “I couldn’t miss it. I’m very happy to be back here,” she said. She was also Simoneta Gómez-Acebo, daughter of the late Infanta Pilar, who has taken up her mother’s baton as honorary president of the Rastrillo Nuevo Futuro. And, of course, another of the usual ones: Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada.

Other well-known faces have also walked through the flea market this Friday, such as Mariola Orellana e Isabelle Junot with his little Philippa, born last June. Rosario Flores, Mustache Arrocet, Laura Ponte, Norma Duval o Carmen Lomana They have also enjoyed this Christmas gem.