Queen Sofia and Albert of Monaco say goodbye to Victor Emmanuel of Savoy

Victor Emmanuel of Savoy He died last Saturday at the age of 86 in his family home in Geneva (Switzerland) in the company of his family, as reported by the Royal House of Savoy in a statement. A week after his death, the cathedral of Turin (Italy) hosted the funeral this Saturday of the prince who never reigned. The Italian city has woken up to heavy rain, however, the weather condition has not been an impediment for many well-known faces to travel to the cathedral to say goodbye to Victor Emmanuel.

Between the royals who have attended the funeral, the presence of the Queen Sofia. It must be remembered that Víctor Manuel was a friend of Juan Carlos I from his youth. His sister, María Gabriela, was one of the emeritus' first girlfriends.

Prince Albert of Monaco, Charles of Bourbon-Two Sicilies and his daughter María Carolina, the Prince Leka of Albania, y Victoria Romanovna, wife of Jorge Mijáliovick, have also gone to the Turin Cathedral to say their last goodbye to the son of the last king of Italy. At the funeral, well-known faces from Italian society could also be seen, such as the former member of the European Parliament Mario Borhezio and the journalist Cesará Buonamici.

This Friday, the funeral chapel of the Prince of Naples was installed in the church of San Hubert, in the palace of Venaria (Italy), property of the family. His only son, Manuel Filiberto, was visibly affected throughout the event. “He was a father, a friend, a teacher. And despite this sad moment, the last three weeks with him were very beautiful: he was calm and we talked about many things. His friends also came to visit him and it was a fitting moment before he left. He decided to fall asleep and never wake up again. What is relieving is the fact that he did not suffer“he said during an emotional speech.

a sad loss

Victor Emmanuel of Savoy was the son of the last king of Italy, Humberto II. He was baptized as the “eternal prince”, since he never reigned. In 1946, after a popular referendum, the transalpine country became a Republic. Cousin of King Juan Carlos I, he settled in Corsica, where he created a family with the Olympic water ski champion Marina Doria. In 1970, both said “I do” amidst controversy, since King Umberto did not attend the wedding and completely dissociated himself from this union.