Queen Mary of Denmark hit by a motorcycle

The Danish monarchs ended Thursday’s session with a tremendous scare: a motorcycle ran over the queen in Nuuk, one of the stops scheduled on their state trip to Greenland. The images, which were released on Friday, show the wife of Frederick X chatting with the locals when a scooter hits her from the side, making her lose her balance. She was quickly assisted by the security team that accompanied the entire family: “I don’t know what happened,” the driver excused himself.

The accident was revealed by Danish media Ektra Blade, which leaked a video of the moment in which Mary of Denmark is seen receiving a tremendous blow to the thighs while those present scream in fear, not understanding what is happening. Fortunately, it all ended in a scare and there were no injuries. The queen, once recovered from the shock, continued with her activities accompanied by her husband and her two children, the twins Josephine and Vincent, who have accompanied them on this journey.

The Royal Family did not publicly report the accident so as not to alarm the public, but on Friday they had no choice but to admit the information. However, they downplayed what happened and assured that it was a “minor incident.” They also affirm that the Queen is perfectly fine, that she has no injuries or after-effects as a result of the crash and that her schedule has remained unchanged. In fact, a few hours after the accident, Frederick and Mary of Denmark dressed in their best clothes to attend the official Naalakkersuisut dinner in Nuuk, where the King gave an emotional speech: “Can you lose your heart for a people and a country? Yes, I can confirm that. Greenland has a very special meaning for my family and for me. Therefore, Queen Mary and I are incredibly happy to be here.”