Queen Camilla takes a break after Charles III’s diagnosis: she goes on vacation

The diagnosis of Charles III has taken its toll on the queen camilla. Since Buckingham Palace announced on February 5 that the British monarch had cancer, the queen has intensified her royal duties. After 13 institutional commitments, Camilla will take a few days off. A decision that has been supported by Carlos III.

He will see that she is exhausted. Camilla has had great concern about her husband’s healthbut she has also been the one who has had to adapt to the busy schedule of royal commitmentsin addition to wanting to be there for him and Kate,” they revealed this Sunday from Daily Mail.

The wife of the King of England will go on vacation abroad on a private flight this Monday, March 4. Her days of disconnection will last until next March 11, the day on which she will have to lead the Commonwealth at Westminster Abbey. In this appointment it is expected that Carlos III and Kate Middletonwho are still out.

This ‘break’ for Camilla comes after the sudden absence of Prince William at the mass tribute to Constantine of Greece in Windsor. 45 minutes before the event, the heir announced that he could not attend due to “personal matters.” This absence increased rumors about Kate Middleton’s mysterious health condition.

The secrecy that the British Royal House maintains around the Princess of Wales only fuels the unknowns about her true state of health. When she underwent surgery on January 16, they limited themselves to explaining that Prince William’s wife had undergone abdominal surgery. The institution was also forced to clarify that it was not cancer. But nothing else. What really happens to Kate Middleton is not explained by the royal institution.