Puskas, the mythical player from Hungary and Real Madrid, already has a musical. It is a work that pays tribute to the history of the best known Hungarian player. The story begins in 1937, when Puskas was 10 years old and was first signed by Kispest and ends the final of the European Cup of Real Madrid-Eintracht Frankfurt in 1960 in which Puskas scored four goals.

The premiere will be on August 20 at the Erkel Theater, in Budapest, and will be before 500 people due to the coronavirus. The official premiere is expected next year. The piece was written by Attila Galambos and Szente Vajk, the composer Levente Juhász, the set by Tamás Rákay, the costumes by Yvette Alda Kovács, the choreographer Lajos Péter Túri, the musical director Katalin Károly. The figure of Puskas is played by Tamás Veréb and the musical has 21 actors, 60 dancers and 30 children.

László Szabó, Producer of the musical, gave a press conference on the occasion of the presentation of the musical, in which he highlighted that “each and every Hungarian in this world is moved by Puskas and the history of the‘ Golden Team ’. It's a brave bet to make a musical about Puskas but the creators and the team guarantee that it will be a worthy tribute ”. The producer added that “this musical can be enjoyed on any international stage, just like Ferenc Puskas he could play on any international soccer field. Puskas embodied everything that Hungarians are proud of: patriotism, bravery, friendship, loyalty and mischief ”.