Pulido: “Atlético de Madrid has already made a mistake”

The League title conquered by Real Madrid against Espanyol was, how could it be otherwise, the object of analysis in the Sanhedrin gathering on the microphones of Cadena Ser’s Carrusel Deportivo. But beyond the white wing, the attention was focused on the news that Atlético is not up to the job of making Madrid the corridor next week in the Madrid derby.

The hallway controversy

Julio Pulido: “Atlético de Madrid has already made a mistake. Whatever they do. All the players and leaders of Atleti should come out tonight and say that they are going to make room for Real Madrid. And if the argument is that, in his day, Madrid was wrong, that’s not an argument. I’ve spoken with Atlético de Madrid fans who are in favor of making Real Madrid the corridor. I don’t know which fans Giménez has consulted, but it’s not the vast majority. I hope that the Atlético players reconsider and walk the corridor because if they don’t, they’re going to make a fool of themselves”.

Mario Torrejón: “For me, this debate is another fashion like taking off the runner-up medal. I don’t see the humiliation in recognizing one athlete to another who has had much merit in winning.”

Antón Meana: “In that club they do what Simeone says. Either Cholo goes out and tells his people ‘we’ll do the corridor’, or if Cholo doesn’t step forward, that the decision has been made and that he won’t they will do”.

Ancelotti’s LaLiga

Álvaro Benito: “The Aroma at the beginning of the season was not that Real Madrid started as the favourites. But Ancelotti has arrived and has changed everything. His policy of betting on very few footballers, where we all thought it would take its toll on him, well It hasn’t been like that.”

Julio Pulido: “It must be recognized that Ancelotti has won the bet. Many thought that the team was going to fall physically. Ancelotti has clearly won that debate. There is nothing that can be objected to. It is a victory for Ancelotti”.

Mario Torrejón: “Real Madrid’s football difference has been the same as the one it has in points. The proof that it has won by entertaining its people has been today’s celebration”.

The physicist of Madrid

Álvaro Benito: “It’s not just the purely physical aspect, but also the mental aspect. What Real Madrid has done with so few players has a lot of merit. Then we can debate whether other players deserved more minutes. Ceballos or Valverde, for example Hazard and Bale have fallen by the wayside.”

Mario Torrejón: “This Antonio Pintus must have something because he has been successful in his first stage and at the start of his second stage”.

Julio Pulido: “The top favorite at the start of the season was Atlético de Madrid and now they are 20 points behind Madrid. But this League will also go down in history due to the resignation of Atlético de Madrid and Barça. This is a reality” .