One of the great problems that PSG has it is that he does not know how to give continuity to his youth players. Currently, the Parisian team has one of the best quarries in France, but most young people do not want to renew due to the lack of opportunities in the French capital. In addition to Xavi Simons, which is not for the work of continuing, Ayman Kari can be the next to come out, a midfielder who is shining in the Youth League and who does not count for Pochettino in the first team.

The 16-year-old midfielder he is one of the most used players this season by the U19 team that Zoumana Camará trains. Quick to intercept rival plays, smart with the ball and, above all, a good reading of the plays, Kari is shining this season with PSG despite Pochettino’s lack of opportunities.

The good performance of the PSG youth squad this season has allowed him to be called up by Lionel Rouxel for the French under-18 team at just 16 years old. Considered one of the biggest promises of the Parisian quarry, Kari has no intention, for the moment, to extend his contract with PSG, which would confirm that the youth players have to leave Paris to try to have professional opportunities. This is the case that can also happen to Xavi Simons, who ends his contract in June 2022 and Raiola has already asked PSG as a condition to renew that he plays regularly with the first team.