PSG focuses on Mbappé and leaves Neymar aside

There are details that clearly expose the strategy of a club. It is the case of the last gesture of Leonardo, PSG sports director, who according to information published by L'Equipe, he would be totally devoted to the renewal of Kylian Mbappé's contract. Everything normal up to here … except for one detail. Neymar, the other great star of PSG, ends his contract in 2022, that is, the same contractual situation that the striker wanted by Real Madrid

Precisely the interest of the Spanish team would be the reason for the attitude of Leonardo, who would be willing to neglect Neymar, who is still number one in the locker room in terms of hierarchy and with an ego that needs pampering. PSG must be very determined to fight for Mbappé so that internal stability is risked in this way. The future plans of the French team, therefore, go through the permanence of the star, and they know that the possibility that he will leave the club next summer is not a simple market rumor.

To keep the footballer, Leonardo will not have to fight alone against the siren songs that arrive from the capital of Spain (and Liverpool). The renewal of his contract, which would be more a gesture of commitment on the part of the footballer than a real urgency, It will not arrive without first producing a change of status in the PSG dressing room. Mbappé considers that his 'internship period' has ended. The next project in which you embark must have you as the maximum and indisputable figure. And that collides with the presence of Neymar in Paris. That is why Leonardo's gesture, leaning more towards the Frenchman's side, is so decisive and allows PSG's plan to be outlined.

In addition, as L'Equipe also points out today, Leonardo would count in his favor with the position of the player's parents, who are much more open to a possible extension of their current contract. The position of his parents has always had a lot of weight in the life of Mbappé, who in any case will have the last word. At the moment there have already been some meetings, without Leonardo getting any response from the footballer, who now has the upper hand and has no need to rush into a decision that he could regret in May. In this matter Mbappé rules, and he knows that he is only willing to win.