Princess Leonor, first Military Instruction: practices with rifle and marches at dawn

The first training and maneuvers for Princess Leonor arrive at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza (AGM). The ladies and gentlemen cadets, equipped with their Army uniform, hat and boots, in a position with one knee on the ground, learn to wield the HK rifle and place the weapon on the body. Also, to look through the viewfinder. As the Official Training and Doctrine Command (MADOC) shares on its official Twitter account, with the labels of the AGM of Zaragoza and the School of Leaders.

The rifle that appears in the images, the HK assault rifle, belongs to light weapons. It is a combat weapon manufactured by the German company Heckler & Koch, in collaboration with the Spanish CETME. It weighs 3.3 kilos.

In addition, there are also images of the cadets practicing running on the athletics track of the academy and marching through the area at dawn. These are activities that have been part of these first two weeks of the phase of reception, orientation and adaptation to military life, since Leonor and her classmates entered the Academy on August 17.

Physical exercise and hard footwear

Now begins what is known as the “Basic Military Training Module”, a training of other weeks in which the new cadets acquire essential knowledge on military legislation and regulations. In addition, of the exercise and military instruction. To avoid injuries, the AGM recommends that the Princess’ promotion perform physical exercise, “especially organic resistance, with a minimum of 45 minutes of continuous running, at least three days a week.” Also, they advise accustoming the feet “to use hard shoes.”