Princess Leonor and the normality of buying a hamburger at McDonald's

Balance is the key. Princess Leonor, who turned 18 on October 31, takes her first steps into adult life. She has coincidentally lived this stage in Zaragoza, where she has been studying for months as a lady cadet at the General Military Academy. We see the image of the heiress, responsible, focused and mature, talking on her cell phone while she walks briskly. She also makes plans with her classmates at the center. She goes out, comes in, and comes up with terrace, afternoon tea, and takeaway burgers. Very much of her centennial generation. The McDonald's burger draws more attention because it defines with crystalline, almost symbolic clarity, the typical whim of friends who pay through the nose: each one has her own hamburger. An occasional treat compatible with a varied and healthy diet. Therefore, balance is the key.

We return to the burger. It is published this week by the magazine Hola. The Princess of Asturias, with her friends from the academy in the Aragonese capital, went for basic gastro and treated herself to a McDonald's. She bought a hamburger take away and it tasted so good. This whim, like so many, completes and complements the very careful diet he follows at La General. Let's remember that it is not the first time. that we know, tried that wonder of Panzzer burger with cured bacon and caramelized onion; and for desserta homemade Panzzer cake, with 18 candles, a specialty of the Zaragoza restaurant where the heiress celebrated her birthday.

The academy provides a healthy, balanced and varied diet, designed for students who carry out high physical activity with daily training on tracks and in sports facilities. It is the diet followed by the gentlemen and ladies cadets.

The daily menu at La General consists of two dishes, with alternating meat, fish or legume proteins, and a dessert to choose between fruit or dairy. As published, citing defense sources, There are days when it is eaten cooked, with soup and legumes.. The first menu that Leonor tried at La General on the day of her admission in August was seafood paella rice, chicken breast in piquillo pepper sauce and for dessert, fruit, ice cream or dairy products, she published The Herald of Aragon. At the academy there is a cafeteria, known as the casino, where you can buy sandwiches and hamburgers.

In this phase of adapting to the changes, his two-year stay at the UWC Atlantic College in Wales, in the United Kingdom, has also helped.. An experience far from the nest that has allowed Leonor to gain independence and autonomy. Also to learn to take care of herself. The menus of Los Rosales, the Aravaca school in Madrid, are far away, where they reduced the fried foods from the menu when the princess began to study. It is known that Mrs. Letizia is passionate about a healthy, varied and balanced diet, without ultra-processed foods or industrial pastries. But that's what balance is for.