Prince William’s unexpected support in the face of the uproar over Kate Middleton’s silence

He Prince Guillermo He is going through one of the worst moments of his life, since the diagnosis of cancer of his father, King Carlos III, and the difficult operation of his wife, Kate Middleton, now the doctored photo of the princess is added. The British people demand answers and, in the midst of tension, the heir to the throne leans on Queen Camilla.

Although for some it may be unexpected that Elizabeth II’s grandson seeks shelter from his stepmother, the truth is that both are now the visible faces of the royal family. Responsibilities must be shared and public exposure must be facedand to do this they must work hand in hand.

This was reported to Mirror by royal family expert Jennie Bond. As she published this Saturday, she explained that “recent events obviously They have brought Guillermo and Camila very close.”

“They have been left, almost literally, to take care of the Crown”

“They have been left, almost literally, guarding the Crown while the king and princess recover. Their teams will work more closely to cover the commitments that have been planned, and it is likely that Camila and Guillermo will have been in much closer regular contact,” explains Bond.

“Apart from the commercial aspect, I am sure that They will also have helped each other emotionally each other. “They will both have been very concerned about these unexpected health problems and I imagine they will have shared their concerns,” says Bond, who is looking at the Royal Household after 14 years as the BBC’s family correspondent.

“As a teenager, Guillermo took his time to accept Camila as ‘the other woman’ in his father’s life. “His feelings toward her were complicated, since he had witnessed her mother’s unhappiness in her marriage,” the journalist said.