Prince William's first visit to Kate, hospitalized after abdominal surgery

The visit of the Prince of Wales to his wife, Kate Middleton, took place after 12:00 this Thursday, January 18. This was the first image of Guillermo, on his way to the London Clinic in Marylebone, where the princess underwent abdominal surgery last Tuesday the 16th.

Guillermo drove his own car, an Audi. He was accompanied by an assistant and a second vehicle that escorted him, a Land Rover. After his visit to the medical center, Kensington Palace has informed the British media with a brief note that “the prince has left the hospital after visiting his wife”, just as it appears The Sun.

Kate, 42, “does well” and, according to official sources, her operation is not related to cancer. If its evolution is as expected, it is expected that the princess remains hospitalized between “ten and fourteen days”, Kensington reported. Plus, she won't return to work until after Easter.

With these forecasts, The Prince of Wales has made the decision to stay with Kate for a few days. William, who has cleared his schedule and postponed his work commitments To focus on his wife's recovery, he will also take care of his three children, George, Charlotte and Louis. So it pointed out Daily Mirror on its cover this Thursday.