Prince William speaks for the first time about the health of his father and his wife: “We appreciate the affection”

He Prince of Wales He has resumed his schedule after being off work due to his wife's illness and he has done so with a double date: in the morning he has replaced his father at a reception in Windsor and in the afternoon he has attended the charity gala of the London Air Ambulance. He has done so as a former air ambulance pilot and sponsor of the foundation. William of England He has shown his kindest and most relaxed face and has expressed gratitude for the love and support received these days: “We greatly appreciate the messages of affection,” he said upon his arrival.

Already inside, the heir reiterated his gratitude during his speech: “I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you, also for the kind messages of support to Catherine and my father, especially in recent days. It means a lot to us”. And without losing his sense of humor, he added: “It's fair to say that in recent weeks I've been quite focused on medical issues. So I thought I'd come to an air ambulance event to unwind.”

Guillermo cleared his schedule to focus on caring for his wife, Kate Middleton, who was admitted to the London Clinic to undergo abdominal surgery on January 16. He was discharged thirteen days after her operation and is recovering at Adelaide Cottage, where his parents have moved to help care for his three children. The prince has been forced to resume his duties due to the illness of his father, who has been diagnosed with cancer at the age of 75.

These are difficult times for the British royal family and proof of this is the arrival of Prince Harry, who landed in London on Tuesday after receiving a call from his father informing him of his illness. The Duke of Sussex met the monarch that same day at Clarence House and they spent 45 minutes together. Guillermo, however, is not in the mood to build bridges with his brother and has ruled out a meeting with him: “I have more important things to do,” he responded.

Laughter with Tom Cruise

Guillermo has forgotten his problems for a few hours and has enjoyed the evening with his former colleagues. He has also reunited with actor Tom Cruise, whom he met in 2022 when he attended the premiere of Top Gun Maverick alongside Kate Middleton.