Prince William calls for an end “as soon as possible” to the conflict in Gaza: “Too many people have died”

He príncipe Guillermoin the midst of his father's illness and his wife's recovery, has broken the usual silence of the British Royal House on issues of a political nature to call for an end “as soon as possible” to the conflict in the Gaza Strip, pointing out that “too many people have died” since the attacks carried out by Hamas on October 7.

“I am deeply concerned by the terrible human cost of the conflict in the Middle East”said the eldest son of King Charles III, who said he shared the sentiment of “many” other people who hope for an end to the violence and have avoided criticizing Israel.

The son of Diana of Wales who there is a 'desperate need' for increased humanitarian aid to Gazawhile demanding the release of the hostages that are still in the hands of Palestinian militiamen, hours before an event in which he will hear first-hand testimonies about assistance to the Strip.

The British tabloids wake up this Wednesday with the statements of the heir to the English throne on their covers. He Daily Mail highlights one of its headlines: “Prince William: 'Too many people have died in the Gaza conflict'.” The Daily Telegraph another headline from the grandson of Elizabeth II stands out: “Prince William: 'Fighting in Gaza must end'.”

In response, The spokesman for the Israeli Government, Eylon Levy, has assured that Israel appreciates “the call of the Prince of Wales for Hamas to release the hostages” and they remember “with gratitude” their statement of condemnation on October 11 of the terrorist attacks, according to the newspaper The Guardian.

“The Israelis clearly want to see an end to the fighting as soon as possible and that will be possible once the 134 hostages are freed and when the Hamas terrorist forces that threaten to repeat the atrocities of October 7 are dismantled.”has added.

The British Royal House is especially careful regarding the potential political readings of its public statements, which means that its members usually do not speak out on current issues. The current king did make a special campaign in the fight against climate change. Prince Harry's brother, first in the line of succession, has assumed more prominence after his father was diagnosed with cancer. Carlos III has canceled his public agenda and is limited to office work, with no scheduled date for his full return to activity. Kate MiddletonFor her part, she is recovering at home from the “abdominal surgery” she underwent on January 16.