Prince Victor Emmanuel of Savoy dies at 86

Victor Emmanuel of Savoy He died this Saturday, February 3, at his home in Geneva (Switzerland) at the age of 86. The sad news was announced by the Royal House of Savoy through a statement, where they assure that the prince died “peacefully” and “surrounded by his family.” At the moment, the causes of his death are unknown.

This morning of February 3, 2024 at five past seven in the morning, His Royal Highness Victor Emmanuel of Savoy, Prince of Naples, died accompanied by all his loved ones. The place and date of his funeral will be communicated as soon as possible.“, reads the writing.

Victor Emmanuel of Savoy was the son of the last king of Italy, Humberto II. He was baptized as the “eternal prince”, since he never reigned. In 1946, after a popular referendum, the transalpine country became a Republic.

Víctor Manuel, cousin of King Juan Carlos I, settled in Corsica, where he signed a family with the Olympic water ski champion Marina Doria. In 1970, both said 'I do' amidst controversy, since King Umberto did not attend the wedding and completely dissociated himself from this union.

Eight years after their marriage, in August 1978, the aristocrat was accused of shooting dead Dirk Hamer, a young Norwegian who tried to steal a small family boat. Finally, the heir was acquitted of murder by a Paris court.