Prades: “It’s a tough defeat, a little more was needed”

The RFEBM informs that the possible injury of Silvia Navarro is “waiting to carry out a complementary study”


The women’s national handball coach, José Ignacio Prades, lamented a “hard defeat” and “difficult to digest” (30-23) against Montenegro at the start of the 2022 European Championship, while the Federation called for medical tests the possible injury of goalkeeper Silvia Navarro.
“It’s a hard defeat and difficult to digest because of the way it happened at the end. With a result that was too bulky. It’s true that we didn’t get off to a good start in the second half either. Perhaps those initial nerves also carried over to the start of the second half”, he said in statements provided by the Royal Spanish Handball Federation (RFEBM), collected by Europa Press.

The coach of the ‘Guerreras’ confessed that his team was not able to get what he asked for “a difficult scenario” at the hostess’s house. “I think that in the first half we didn’t play a bad game on a defensive level but it hurt us too much to fail so much in attack. We didn’t have the usual freshness, due to the toughness of the Montenegrins. A little more was needed. harshness that we knew was going to happen,” he said.

“Going from three to the break was not a bad result seeing how badly we had started. The second half happened a little more of the same. When we opened the 5:1 and risked a little more we were able to balance a little more in that give and take forces,” he added.

Spain also conceded the goalkeeper Silvia Navarro’s injury at the end of the first half, who left with a bruised left knee and tears streaming down her face. The Federation pointed out that the Valencian “is pending evolution, waiting to carry out a complementary study.”