Ponce, in love with Ana Soria but “very affected” by Paloma Cuevas and Luis Miguel: “They are attracting attention”

Enrique Ponce (51) started a new life with the young Ana Soria (24) in 2020, when he was about to celebrate his 25th anniversary of marriage to dove caves (50), the mother of his two daughters, popcorn 14 years and Bianca of 11. That summer they staged a true media tsunami that they themselves unleashed with waste of love on social networks.

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Three years after the separation, Paloma has recovered the illusion in love with Luis Miguel (52), a friend of hers for decades. He was also a compadre for Enrique. The Chiva bullfighter would have told paparazzi Jordi Martín what he thinks about it, which he has confessed on the American program The fat and the skinny: “He asked me to speak off camera and told me that he wants to lead a calm and relaxed life with his new partner. He told me that he is affected by the media impact that the relationship between his ex and Luis Miguel has had.”

And he added: “He told me that he is not the one who is appearing in magazines and covers and that it is the others who are attracting attention.” What does this remind us of… “It sounded like spite to me,” Martín added.

After the break between Cuevas and Ponce, the Sun of Mexico ended up becoming the cloth of tears for her friend. They have known each other for more than twenty years, but it was a couple of years ago when their relationship went further, as the artist contacted the businesswoman to offer her all her support after her divorce from the Valencian bullfighter.

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After several months of messages and calls they began to see each other, very discreetly, in Miami, and last summer they spent several weeks in Madrid. In recent months, more photographs and information of the two have been emerging and their final image, during their getaway to New York (top tweet), arrived a few weeks ago. For months there has even been talk of a wedding. Whatever happens, they have the approval of Michelle Salas (33), the influencer daughter of the interpreter of La Bikenawho has known Paloma since she was a child.