Pocholo and his very bad roll with Cayetano Martínez de Irujo: “This pánfilo, chivato!”

In white, with an ethnic necklace and in her house in Ibiza. It has been the staging of Pocholo Martínez Bordiú to receive Bertín Osborne and the team of my house is yours (Telecinco). The past friendship that united him with Cayetano Martínez for many years and that ended with a notorious breakup has been one of the thorniest issues that the businessman has addressed. “I don’t talk about people I don’t have to talk to, for that I have an education. Not like some of your friends who screw up. Flies don’t enter a closed mouth,” he has emphatically settled on the rider.

Despite the time that has elapsed since they broke off their friendship, far from calming down, Pocholo has let off steam and charged the inks on the brother of the Duke of Alba, who in his memoirs spoke at length about the women with whom he had maintained an affair. relationship: “If you are with a lady who is the King’s daughter, you don’t have to tell anyone that you have been with that lady. If you have a family that is your family and you talk about things that you don’t have to talk about, you are also going to face her.” And he has reflected: “Everyone who thinks what he wants, is his life, but so much birth and so much history to read this book a little …”

Pocholo has acknowledged that he has not read the autobiographical book, but “he did read what was published in the press (…). Each one who holds his candle, but so much education so that later he reveals everything he has done with some ladies who They don’t deserve that… Because let this jerk say so.”


For Pocholo there is no turning back with him affair Cayetano and does not forgive him for the indiscretion: “May the priest forgive him… I like people who show their faces. People know that I have been partying everywhere… The worst thing in life is being a snitch, take note not to do it more times but will repeat it again”.