Pochettino: “I don’t know about Mbappé’s decision”

PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino spoke to the media ahead of Saturday’s match against Metz, which will be the last game of the season for the Parisians. The Argentine coach acknowledged that he does not know Mbappé’s decision and that it is up to the player to communicate it in due course.

If you know about Mbappé’s decision: “I don’t know about the decision. I think it’s a personal matter between Kylian and the club. There’s a lot of information and rumors that we’ve seen lately, always respecting our club and Kylian’s position, whose contract ends this season. In this case, it’s the player who has to talk about these issues. It’s up to the player to say it.”

Photo by Kylian Mbappe

The balance of the season: “I don’t see why I shouldn’t be here next season. I hope the best is yet to come. I think the dream of every member of PSG and the whole family is to win the Champions League, I think it’s something that has become a obsession for this club. Hopefully we can achieve it. In the Champions League, those 20-25 minutes of the second half when we couldn’t get the result generated emotions and issues that we haven’t been able to control these last two months. After that game and through what was experienced, we have to congratulate the players because we got up and were able to win the League several days before, that is something that has merit”.

Why PSG does not renew Di María: “It is the same case with Mbappé. At the moment I am not the person who has to speak, both the club and the player, for one reason or another, will speak from tomorrow. It is clear that I have the information. Yesterday I spoke with Leonardo about many issues that we touched on yesterday. It’s clear. I’m not going to lie. I have information about what’s happening. I’m not the right person to make a statement. Starting tomorrow, when things take their natural course , we will have time to speak and I will be able to give my opinion”.

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The controversy with Gueye: “My position is the same as the one I commented on after the game. They are situations of a personal nature that, logically, I have transmitted to you. He has trained well in a professional manner and as I always say, tomorrow I will have to give the call. Surely don’t have any problems being summoned”.

If PSG should honor Di María: “Tomorrow we will talk about it. There are several events planned for the match. Let’s take a look at the acts and the line to follow for tomorrow. Ángel is an incredible player, with a great career and in the seven years he has been at PSG he has done great things I think he’s one of the best players in history to have worn this shirt. What I said before. Even if I have information, it’s not up to me to make any statement.”

Possible last game of Mbappé and Pochettino: “These are different things. There are players who are out of contract and it will be seen. We have a one-year contract and potentially we will be here next year. I hope it will be a day when we enjoy the tenth title. Thank the players, coaching staff and everyone who has helped us win the title”.

If you think that tomorrow Mbappé will announce and if you are optimistic: “My personal impression is that it has been a year in which there have always been different situations personally. I want Kylian to be here for many years. But since I cannot lie about this either, I do not know the information, I do not know what is going to happen, I am at PSG, I am the coach of this club and I would like him to be with us for many years. I don’t know if the club will make a statement about Mbappé’s future. We don’t know anything and we are waiting for what may happen “.