Pochettino backed off against Mbappé

This Saturday, Mauricio Pochettino acknowledged at a press conference that both he and Kylian Mbappé would continue 100% next season at PSG. Words that, a day later, have been rectified by the Argentine coach, who has assured that his statements have been misinterpreted and that he did not really mean that.

Photo by Kylian Mbappe

“I didn’t say that about following the next season 100% with Mbappé, it’s false, what I said was for today and not for next season”assured Pochettino on the microphones Amazon Prime a few minutes to face the strasbourg in the match corresponding to matchday 35 of Ligue 1.

Shield/Flag PSG

This Saturday, Pochettino had initially assured that he would continue 100% in Paris next season, as well as Kylian Mbappé, a few words that generated a wave of rumors that could bring the striker closer to renewal. Nevertheless, the still coach of PSG has wanted to deny these words so as not to give rise to misinterpretations.