Playoff promotion from Third to Second B: TV, games and schedules of all groups

The Third Division reaches its final stretch. This Saturday the grand final is played for the 18 places in Second Division B the next season. The qualifying rounds, as happened in the first phase, will have no extension or penalties and, in the event of a tie, the one who finish the regular season in a better position. Overall, the top finishers have met expectations and will fight for promotion. Yes there were some surprises, such as the defeat of Linares or the surprise of the Canarian group, with third and fourth as the two survivors. However, in addition to the 18 places that will be awarded next weekend, there are two other pending, which will be awarded in a play-off organized by the Federation and whose details are still unknown.

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Footters, Playoff television

Unlike years ago, the Playoff will be broadcast in its entirety through Footters, a modest soccer platform. The autonomic chains used in previous seasons to emit an important part of the parties for the promotion. Some of them will repeat, with the exception that Footters is now the route through which all matches can be seen live. It can be seen through the Internet and Smart TV. You can hire their services from 14.99 euros, in the package that includes all the qualifying rounds for both Second B and Third Division.

Group XII

Semi-final results:

Marino 0- Tamaraceite 1

Tenisca 0- San Fernando 4

Final: San Fernando-Tamaraceite, Saturday July 25 at 12:00. San Fernando will have a draw factor.

The most surprising group of the 18 Third Division. After a bizarre classification, in which the point average varied all the positions, Marine and Tennis They came with the favorite sign and the tie factor in their favor. However, neither of them was able to overcome their rival, thus leaving the anomalous final between Tamaraceite and Saint Fernando. Perhaps not so strange, since the first pulled hierarchy to assert their victory by the minimum and already eliminated Almería from the Copa del Rey this same season. The 'Sanfer', for his part, annihilated his rival in a very complete match in which the footballers demonstrated that the pandemic has not reduced their physical capacity. They went planes and sank a Tenisca who had been hopeful for the promotion. Again, it will be played with the public and under the morning sun of the Canary Islands.

Group III

Semi-final results:

Laredo 3- Trip 1

Gimnástica de Torrelavega 1- Rayo Cantabria 1

Final: Laredo-Gimnástica de Torrelavega, Saturday, July 25 at 6:30 p.m. Laredo will have a tie factor.

Neither Laredo nor Gimnástica de Torrelavega can be excessively proud of their party, despite achieving classification. The first overthrew Tropezón by three goals to one, although everything was conceived with the goal of Mantilla after eleven minutes of meeting, After both, the rival began to overwhelm and the match could be resolved for one side or the other. Gymnastics, meanwhile, was unable to command a Lightning Cantabria, who had the important handicap of not being able to achieve promotion. Even so, they made the cut and went for the game, although the logic was imposed. However, they caused too much inconvenience to one of the favorites for the promotion in the Cantabrian group. Be that as it may, the two ended up solving their playoffs, the only factor to take into account in the Playoff. Now, there will only be one place to dispute and they will not be able to make the mistakes that could have condemned them again.

Group II

Semi-final results:

Loyalty 0- Sports Flow 1

Llanera 2- Covadonga 3

Final: Covadonga-Caudal Deportivo, Saturday, July 25 at 7:00 p.m. The Covadonga will have a tie factor.

Huge contrast also in Group II. Villaviciosa's Loyalty, who was the clear favorite to climb, tried to play not to lose and take advantage of his potential to kill the rival. The goal did not come from his side, but from the other, condemning the leader in favor of a great Sports Flow. The party of so many would wait until Sunday. Jaime Álvarez, at 48 seconds, was the earliest target of the entire promotion playoff. At 12 minutes, the third-placed team in the table already had two goals ahead. The Llanera revived and made his fat drop sweat. But Edu Font would score the 1-3 that would give the victory to his own and take them to the grand final. It will be the Covadonga that has the factor of the tie, after eliminating the second. The Flow will need to win if it wants to be in the Second Division B next season.

Group i

Semi-final results:

Compostela 3- Boat 1

Ourense 2- Arosa 1

Final: Compostela-Ourense, Saturday, July 25 at 7:30 p.m. Compostela will have a tie factor.

They were, without a doubt, the best two of the regular season in Galicia, with more than ten points of advantage over their rivals. They also sent in the semifinals, both deserving of being in the grand final. In Balaídos, before the sepulchral silence of a LaLiga Santander stadium without a single soul, Compostela and Ourense They will play for promotion to Second B. There was even speculation that there would be an audience, but finally the Galician federation dismissed it due to the outbreaks. The team from Ourense wants to celebrate the first time in bronze soccer in its history, while its rival yearns for the possibility of returning to the elite, remembering the times spent in the First Division.

Group IV

Semi-final results:

Portugalete 1- Basconia 0

Sestao River 0- CD Vitoria 0

Final: Portugalete-Sestao River, Saturday, July 25 at 7:30 p.m. The Portugalete will have a tie factor.

Basque football recital in the two semifinals of the Playoff. There was only one goal in both series, but, of course, it cannot be said that they saved effort. The four suitors gave their all and starred in back and forth games, tension, nerves and where the mistake was paid very dearly. In fact, the only target came in injury time, when Rober Gandara took advantage of a counterattack with Basconia already overturned. Two subsidiaries put two projects devised to achieve category promotion on the ropes. They had to deal with those who perhaps had better conditions than them in football in a pandemic season. Still, they could not cope. For the promotion, Portugalete and Sestao.

Group XVII

Semi-final results:

Tarazona 1- Deportivo Aragón 0

Teruel 1- Brea 2

Final: Tarazona-Brea, Saturday, July 25 at 7:30 p.m. Tarazona will have a tie factor.

Tarazona will fight against the hope of Brea, which undoubtedly plays the game of their lives. “We are already fulfilling the dream. What we have to do is try to look like Sunday. We play against a team that is made to achieve promotion, but we arrived without pressure and that is positive“, recognizes Raúl Jardiel, coach of Brea, in the pre-match. Being exempt from responsibility is, undoubtedly, one of the greatest guarantees of the Aragonese team. On the contrary, Tarazona knows that it has the goal of season and cannot fail. “The less we think about what happens depending on the result, the better“points out David Navarro, coach of the leader. Due to his condition as the best team of the regular season, he will be worth the draw. He had better not trust himself because Brea already demonstrated last weekend that they can fight against the best and close the duel with favorable marker.


Semi-final results:

Socuéllamos 1- Toledo 0

Quintanar 1- Guadalajara 2

Final: Socuéllamos-Guadalajara, Saturday, July 25 at 9:30 p.m. The Socuéllamos will have a tie factor.

End of the campaign for Castilian-La Mancha football after an unusual exercise that leaves Guadalajara and Socuéllamos as the protagonists of the last game. On Saturday night (9:30 p.m.), the Manuel Delgado Meco de Alcázar de San Juan will live this last game of the season in the Third Division with the highest possible prize: promotion to Second B for a season that will mark the history of Spanish football. Before the sport and institutional whirlwind that this change is going to bring, Alcarreños and Ciudadrealeños are playing for a place to be in the third category next year of national football. After leaving Quintanar del Rey and Toledo on the road last weekend, both contenders arrive motivated to an appointment in which the Socuéllamos, leader of the category that last Saturday was intractable before the capital team, arrives for their skills as a favorite to return to the Second Division B. Those of Manolo Martínez have put aside the last two seasons that gave them painful defeats in the last games for promotion, and they are waiting for Deportivo Guadalajara who, after his administrative descent in 2013, wants to enter the 'new football' at least in a Second Division B that he has not been in for three seasons.JOSÉ A. DURO

Group VI

Semi-final results:

Alcoyano 0- Intercity 0

Alzira 1- Atzeneta 3

Final: Alcoyano-Atzeneta, Saturday, July 25 at 8:00 p.m. Alcoyano will have a draw factor.

The fortress against illusion. The Valencian group matched two powers in the semifinals with a long-term project such as Alcoyano and Intercity and two less recognized as Alzira and Atzeneta. The Intercity cornered Alcoyano in the final stages, but failed to score and said goodbye to the Playoff and its illusion of approaching the elite as soon as possible. David Albelda, for his part, saw his team's comeback against Alzira from the bench. Much less part as a favorite ahead of the final, but the former Valencia has already shown that his time on the bench is going from strength to strength. Whatever happens, he will continue to command. The only question is whether he will do it in Third or Second Division B. Alcoyano faces the same question.

Group IX

Semi-final results:

Linares 0- Real Jaén 1

El Ejido 3- Motril 2

Final: The Ejido-Real Jaén, Saturday, July 25 at 8:00 p.m. The Ejido will have a tie factor.

Real Jaén wants to redeem itself after being last season the best team in any Third Division and stay at the gates of promotion for not taking advantage of their double chance. The Jaén team, which has suffered and has even been close to disappearing throughout this season, won the Linares by the minimum, cursed after being the best of the year in the category and falling defeated at the first exchange. Perhaps the play-off will fix it, with conditions still to be defined. Until then, there will only be one place for the Andalusians. He Ejido, who did a sensational first part and then fell apart in front of the Motril, will be a rival of height and will benefit in case of a tie.

Group VIII

Semi-final results:

Zamora 2- Numancia B 1

Gimnástica Segoviana 0- Arandina 0

Final: Zamora-Gimnástica Segoviana, Saturday, July 25 at 8:00 p.m. Zamora will have a tie factor.

If this Playoff model has anything, it is that it practically guarantees the presence of the majority of leading teams in the final due to promotion. Unlike other years, when travel in Spain collided with the interests of the greatest, this year they have been able to dominate from their own region. Although Numantia B and Arandina they made things difficult, Zamora and Gimnástica Segoviana asserted their status as favorites and have entered the grand final. Later it was discovered that the subsidiary could not have reached the Second B, due to the descent of the first team. Two provincial capital teams want to play again between the greats. The first step is to get to Segunda B and they are only 90 minutes away from doing it.

Group XV

Semi-final results:

Mutilvera 0- Pamplona 0

Saint John 2- Beti Kozkor 4

Final: Mutilvera-Beti Kozkor, Saturday, July 25 at 8:00 p.m. The Mutilvera will have a tie factor.

Huge contrast in the two semifinals of the Navarrese group. Although on Saturday Mutilvera and Pamplona signed a nondescript draw, with small arreones fruit of the need to mark; on Sunday San Juan and Beti Kozkor staged one of the liveliest games so far in the Playoff. In an eternal round trip, with six goals included, Beti Kozkor grew big and is still alive in the fight after being eliminated last season. Now he will face Mutilvera, a clear favorite for his reliability and defensive strength. Of course, after the pandemic, his rival has already proved to be very successful in front of goal.. The tie is worth to the leader of the classification, that not even conceded a goal by party during the year.

Group v

Semi-final results:

L'Hospitalet 0- Sant Andreu 0

Terrassa 1- CE Europe 0

Final: L'Hospitalet-Terrassa, Saturday, July 25 at 8:00 p.m. L'Hospitalet will have a tie factor.

The Catalan group's regular season was one of the most even in the entire Third Division. Even the ninth classified, the Pobla MafumetHe would have had a chance to get into the Playoff if the pandemic had not forced the competition to stop. At the top, he narrowly commanded L'Hospitalet, but it was enough to later eliminate Sant Andreu in the semifinals. To the Terrassa, in another even match, it was also worth it. Sergi Arranz He scored the only goal of the match and the semifinals of a group as competitive as V. The end points ways. Two teams with high aspirations face each other for a spot. Only one will be victorious.

Group XVI

Semi-final results:

SD Logroñés 2- Arnedo 0

Varea 1- Casalarreina 0

Final: SD Logroñés-Varea, Saturday, July 25 at 8:00 p.m. SD Logroñés will have a draw factor.

In the somewhat unbalanced Group XVI, logic prevailed and Sociedad Deportiva Logroñés and Varea will compete in the grand final for a place in Segunda División B. His season was frankly matched. The leaders added four draws and two defeats; the latter only signed tables once, although they lost four games. Casalarreina and Arnedo They also closed a great season, but were not rivals for the group's leaders. Logroñés was clearly superior to his adversary. He only won 2-0, although at no time did it seem that he would escape the advantage in the electronic. Varea suffered something more, as a result of the early goal that gave Casalarreina the need to score to turn the tie around. There will be goals at Las Gaunas and surely a place in the bronze division.

Group XI

Semi-final results:

Poblense 1- Felanitx 1

Ibiza-Pitiusas 0- Mallorca B 1

Final: Poblense-Mallorca B, Saturday July 25 at 9:00 p.m. Poblense will have a tie factor.

The vast majority of subsidiaries have been falling throughout the first phase of the Playoff. One of the only survivors, along with Barcelona B in Second Division B, is Mallorca B. The descent of the first team is not an impediment, since one in LaLiga SmartBank and the other in the bronze category could coincide. It would be the only good news in a bad year, in which you have competed but have not been able to save the place. But it doesn't start as a favorite. Poblense does it, who tied with Felanitx in a controversial match. Its managers accused rival leaders of being drunk to the party and ask the Federation to take action. After the match, one of the two teams will be able to drink and celebrate, without thinking about tomorrow.

Group XIII

Semi-final results:

Lorca Deportiva 0- Mazarrón 0

Pulpileño 0- Mar Menor 0

Final: Lorca Deportiva-Pulpileño, Saturday July 25 at 9:00 p.m. Lorca Deportiva will have a draw factor.

The group without goals. 0-0 the first match and 0-0 the second. It was worth to Lorca Deportiva and Pulpileño the draw factor. Now it will not be like that, since only the leader will be favored in the event of a draw. The final will be at the Pinatar Arena, in what was to be the headquarters of the Playoff in Second Division B. It will not host a tie for returning to professional football, but two teams that want to achieve it as soon as possible. Both clubs have recommended their fans not to go outside to celebrate. There will be time next season.

Group VII

Semi-final results:

Navalcarnero 1- Alcalá 1

Union Adarve 1- Alcorcón B 3

Final: Navalcarnero-Alcorcón B, Saturday, July 25 at 10:00 p.m. The Navalcarnero will have a tie factor.

Navalcarnero and Alcorcón will face each other in the final Playoff for promotion to Segunda B next season, starting at 10 pm, at the Ciudad del Fútbol facilities and they sent a request to their followers not to come to encourage or support them, to protect the population from more possible outbreaks. The announcement was made this Friday, together with the RFFM in a statement issued by it. The pottery group is another of the surviving subsidiaries and will try to defend its condition against the Navalcarnero.

Group XIV

Semi-final results:

Villanovense 2- Extremadura B 0

Coria 0- Cacereño 1

Final: Villanovense-Cacereño, Saturday, July 25 at 10:00 p.m. Villanovense will have a tie factor.

All of Spain will envy the situation of the Extremadura group, which will be the only one along with the Canarian group that will have fans. After months of confinement, followers of Villanovense and Cacereño They will be able to enjoy their teams fighting for the historic objective of reaching Second Division B. It will be somewhat anomalous, because the goals that change the medium-term future of the clubs of their lives cannot be celebrated with hugs, or even closeness. With a meter and a half away and masks, but watching football live. And a promotion. Between Villanovense and Cacereño.

Group x

Semi-final results:

Betis B 3- Utrera 1

City of Lucena 1- Xerez Deportivo 1

Final: Betis B-Lucena City, Saturday, July 25 at 8:00 p.m. Betis B will have a draw factor.

The other final, that of the tenth group, will be starred by Betis B and the City of Lucena and will start at 22.00 in Marbella, after leaving Utrera (3-1) and Xerez (1-1) out., respectively. The verdiblancos, as champions, only need the draw to ascend before a Cordovan box that has been planted in the final with the equalized against the Jerez players. A third Andalusian team can also ascend to Second B and is Atlético Pulpileño de Almería, which competes in the Tercera de Murcia, and that tomorrow, at 21:00, will play the final against Lorca Deportiva, at 9:00 p.m., on the fields of the Pinatar Arena complex. The people of Almería, second in the regular league with 57 points, are obliged to win the match to move up in category because the rival was champion.