Pjanic ratifies Paratici as the ‘magician’ of capital gains

Time was running out to balance after an exercise conditioned by the coronavirus and Fabio Paratici did it again at Juve. The sports director bianconero adjusting the numbers with an operation that had already been underway in recent weeks. Barter Arthur-Pjanic with Barcelona left in the books of the Vecchia Signora a capital gain of 41.8 million over the 30-year-old Bosnian midfielder and made him the magician Paratici got the square of the circle. Juve needed to close with 150 million in capital gains and the official figure shows an amount of almost 160. Another thing is how it has been achieved, because the 47-year-old leader uses all the financial engineering at his disposal to achieve the end that is proposed. Paratici has revealed himself as a master when it comes to selling a player above his residual cost, which is calculated by dividing the total cost of his transfer between his contract years. Quite an advantage in the times of the more than adjusted financial fair play imposed by the soccer organizations.

A few days ago, when the news about the Pjanic-Arthur exchange boiled, Paratici laconically released a “we'll explain everything” that anticipated what was confirmed on June 30. It was not the only barter. Paratici also closed that of the young Spanish Pablo Moreno to Manchester City in exchange for Correia, which had a capital gain of 7.6 million. This of the Spanish striker and the other barter with City, months ago, between Danilo and Cancelo, which was settled with a capital gain of 30.5 million, are seen in Italy as exaggerated, the result of financial creativity of a Paratici that maintained a frenetic rhythm in the hours before June 30. Mavidi was traded Montpellier, leaving a positive margin of 4 million on the balance sheet. The annual race was being completed. In January a round operation was signed, Can, who had arrived with the letter of freedom, was leaving for Dortmund, with another capital gain of 14.7 million. North Korean Han was going to Al Dulahil fattening the concept by 3.6 million. Kean, a youth squad, had already left $ 27 million on his transfer to Everton; Mancuso went to Empoli with a capital gain of 3,272; Francoforte, to Sampdoria (1,574); Lanini, to Parma (2.2); Masciangelo, al Pescara (1.53); Stoppa, to Sampdoria (0.12); Loria, to Pisa (2); Matheus Pereira, to Barcelona (6.5); Carvalho, al Monza (2.3); Muratore, to Atalanta (6,8) … Thus with several more to balance balance.

Juventus Shield / Flag

Hand in hand with the Marotta-Paratici tandem, Juventus recovered the lost path after the Moggigate with the recipe for zero cost blows, exchanges, the magnificent eye, the ability to attract big names as has happened with Cristiano and De Ligt among others and creativity for capital gains. The teacher went to Inter and to the Vecchia Signora his pulse did not tremble, he had the relay at home. Both had started a machinery that has governed the Calcium with an iron fist. Thus, without transfer cost, players like Pirlo, Pogba, Llorente, Khedira, Neto, Dani Alves, Emre Can, Ramsey, Rabiot have joined the bianconera … And then, the magic when it comes to settling the accounts using all kinds of resources. In Italy, for example, they 'amaze' those values ​​that they assign to players in second or third hand exchanges.

Paritici, obsessed with capturing and magician of numbers.

Because anything goes and everything matters. The Italian media analyzed these days the steps of the former player of the Third, Paratici, a defender who at 31 years old left football to unleash his passion for recruiting footballers and who became the right hand of Marotta, his teacher and now a great rival. In 2002 Paratici arrived at the scouting department of Sampdoria and Marotta took over the general management. Later, in 2010, he took Juventus to continue with the Master. De Paratici tell those close to him in his youth that he put the same passion on the field as outside of it when it came to devouring each national or foreign party on television, notebook in hand, with the desire to have controlled star prospects. Lor he maintains and has displayed, in addition, all his skill and cunning. He still loves moving around to see the footballers he loves live, but he explains that sometimes it is better to watch the player once and spend that time going to dinner with his family to understand the environment in which he handles himself. But at Juve he is not alone for that. His hand with the numbers is well shown.