Pirlo: “Cristiano is still pending the PCR”

Andrea Pirlo, Juventus coach, spoke in the Juventus-Barça preview. These were their ratings.

Can you count on Bonucci? What worries you the most about Barça?

Tomorrow I will know exactly which players I can have, but for the moment De Ligt and Chiellini will not be there and Bonucci is awaiting a final examination tomorrow. Cristiano, from the PCR. Barça is a strong team, made up of incredible players. We will have to be focused and what I will do is ask my players, whoever they are, to sacrifice because we know that the game is complicated. We are building a team, the important thing is not to lose points.

What game do you expect?

It is the game that all players want to play. We have the opportunity to play against a very important team. We want to show our value. Respect is maximum. I know that Piqué and Coutinho are missing, but the game will help us to know where we are.

What chances does Cristiano have to play?

Juventus Shield / Flag

First of all, I want to see the result to decide. At the moment, I don't know. Cristiano is pending the PCR. When we have everything clear tomorrow, I will decide. But I hope to at least have it available to play for a few minutes.

Has Messi lowered his performance?

Messi is part of the history of modern world football. Together with Cristiano Ronaldo, he is doing incredible things. Tomorrow will be my first time as a coach against him. I have the utmost respect for him and hope he doesn't have his best night.

Can Ansu Fati and Kulusevski be great?

They are two young and different players. Kulusevski has the ball at his feet; Ansu plays more without the ball. And they play with the two greatest of modern times.

Who pitched better, Pirlo or Koeman?

They were two different ways of throwing. He shot powerful; I had another way.

Danilo: “Anyone would miss Cristiano”

Brazilian Danilo Luiz Da Silva, Juventus Turin defender, did not hesitate to assure this Tuesday that “anyone would miss” the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, in quarantine for coronavirus, who underwent a PCR test to find out if he can compete this Wednesday against Barcelona in the Champions League.

“It is clear that anyone would miss Cristiano, but what I can say is that we have confidence in all our players, we have people wanting to do well, to help, to play a good game, “said Danilo this Tuesday at the Juventus-Barcelona press conference the day before.

Cristiano, who tested positive two weeks ago in the concentration of the Portuguese team, is in quarantine in his home in Turin and underwent a PCR test on Tuesday that must give a negative result so that he can compete this Wednesday against Barcelona.

Danilo, double champion of Europe with Real Madrid, highlighted that matches like Wednesday's are the ones that motivate the players the most.

“They are good games to play, against the biggest teams, we want to succeed, to do well. It was better with the public, but we must be concentrating even without 'tifosi' and make Juventus win, “he said.

The meeting will be held behind closed doors as a precautionary measure to prevent the risk of contagion by coronavirus, in a country, Italy, which has already reached 20,000 daily cases.

Danilo, who in coach Andrea Pirlo's Juventus is playing central defense in a line of three, assured that he feels comfortable in this tactical drawing.

“We must move faster, when we are in the game creation phase we are three in defense, then we must attack and recover the ball, or get on a line of four. We are on the right track, we want to improve, “he said.