Piqué was expelled for telling Gil Manzano that he was the referee who had “fucked them the most”


FC Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué was expelled by referee Gil Manzano for insulting him on several occasions when he protested the 1-0 play in Tuesday’s game against Osasuna after the end of the first half.

The Catalan central defender, who was playing his last game before retiring permanently, did not have a pleasant farewell after seeing the red card at half-time. Piqué came out onto the pitch when the referee from Extremadura decreed the end of the first half and after addressing Gil Manzano, he began to raise the tone of his protest.

The referee tried to settle the discussion, but it continued in the locker room tunnel, at which point he was expelled from the match. According to the minutes of the match, the reason was for telling him: ‘Did you see what corner you gave us?’ You are the referee who has screwed us the most by far’.

However, Piqué did not calm down and, “once the expulsion was communicated to the Club Delegate”, he continued “repeating the same expressions” and although the FC Barcelona staff tried to get him into the locker room, the center-back addressed the Extremaduran: ” It’s a fucking shame, I shit on your fucking mother.”

In addition, the record of Gil Manzano also indicates that the Polish Robert Lewandowski made “twice a gesture of disapproval” after being expelled, for which he could receive a greater sanction if the Competition Committee considers that there was disregard. The striker put his “finger to his nose and then pointed his thumb at the referee”, something he repeated as he headed to the locker room towards one of the assistants and the fourth official.