Piqué turns to Andorra

When Messi's burofax was made public, in the midst of an informative whirlwind full of pessimism for the Blaugrana fans and that caused a division between the sectors related to the captain and those defenders of the management of the board, many expected Gerard Piqué to pronounce. In another time, the central was a regular on social networks and has always been brave when it comes to standing before the media and giving his vision about the situation of his own. This summer, however, has remained on the sidelines of the Blaugrana news and his activity has been based on supporting the other club of his loves, the Andorra.

It's been a long time since Piqué opted for the management of a modest club and the objective was raised that the anthem of the Champions sounded in the Principality. The start was impeccable, with the promotion to Third from Regional and the purchase of the Second Division B place. Since then, Andorra has been losing media momentum after a great year in which the feat of promotion was not achieved. Nobody said it was easy. The bronze category does not understand fame or budget. It is going down to the mud, fighting face to face and dreaming that the results will accompany you. And so it was during the opening bars, when the club rode uptown with Gabri in command of operations.

The bad streak ended, which caused the dismissal of the coach, the close circle of Piqué, and the commitment to Nacho castro, a man with experience in the category who could provide the staff with sufficient resources to compete with a little more regularity. That was precisely the goal of the summer. While the past pulled on men with names and stripes like Miguel Palanca or Victor Casadesús, this has sought the strength of experienced men, mixed with the talent of youth.

Marc Pedraza, star signing

The name of Gerard Piqué it continues to be a strong weight when it comes to closing contracts. Marc pedraza (33) is a good example of this. In 2018-19, he had weight in the promotion of Mallorca to the First Division. In the elite he lost prominence. Last season he played in LaLiga Santander, although he only participated in 131 minutes. He also had no luck with the early elimination of the team in the Copa del Rey. Despite this, going down to Second B is a very drastic change. At 33, he has decided to travel to the neighboring country to be a leader in Andorra in search of promotion. Without a doubt, a media and exciting signing, waiting for performance.

He has not been the only one to arrive. Alex Pastor (20), from the Sampdoria quarry; Martí Vila (21), of the Depor; and Pau Martinez (19), from Espanyol, mark the claw of youth. Of another subsidiary, Zaragoza, signs assignment Marc Aguado, already debutant with the first team. David Ballarín (22) and Sergi Highlander (20) arrive from Ejea and Sant Andreu respectively. The veteran will put it David Martin, former of Rayo Majadahonda and with almost 200 games in the category.

All, yes, come at zero cost. And it is that although Andorra manages a budget above the average (although far from the colossi of the category) it has focused on maintaining the block that played a notable role in the first year in Second B with Gerard Piqué in management. The team closed in ninth position in the table, with 41 points in its locker and eight from Cornellá, fourth. The descent, of course, was completely saved despite the downturn of recent dates.

A decisive year: Second, Second B Pro, relegation?

Second Division B faces possibly the most complex season in its history. And is that will have 102 teams and not 80, there will be groups and subgroups and it is not yet known exactly what the exact format will be. There is a certainty, yes. After its conclusion, four clubs will return to professional football, 40 will jump to a new category and the rest will suffer a kind of decline that is difficult to explain. Everything that is not going up will be going down.

The Segunda B Pro will become, from 2021-22, the third division of Spanish football. Therefore, the traditional Second B will be the fourth. That is, one less than today. Thus, ambitious projects, such as Andorra, can no longer sign satisfied for another year. They have an obligation to step forward and every mistake will be fatal. Look. Andorra started in fifth hierarchy, rose to fourth, but made a significant effort to rise directly to third *. Not being Second B Pro would imply returning to fourth, an idle to the idea of ​​reaching professionalism sooner rather than later.

* Understand as a hierarchical order within Spanish football and not as the name of the different categories.

Gerard Piqué's commitment

Piqué's football work, including his tennis business, they don't allow you to be a regular president. He delegates responsibility to his henchmen, although he does not take his eyes off one of his most ambitious projects. Whenever you can, you stop by the facilities or by Prada de Moles to accompany your loved ones. If it is impossible, keep the phone active to worry about the day to day. Of course, transfers and sponsorships are accompanied by your signature. Remember his words: “People who know me know that I am very ambitious and today you may laugh. But I tell you that the Champions League anthem will sound in Andorra“It wasn't a bluff.

In preseason the good omens have already been seen. The 0-1 victory against Sabadell, a Second-team team, was a shot of energy for the near future, although in the repetition it came out badly (3-1). Beyond what happens at the foot of the lawn, Piqué continues sponsoring, 'showing off' and sharing everything that passes through the Principality. On July 31, the Catalan group Els Catarres composed and sang the club's anthem. Its owner exposed it to his almost 20 million followers.

Days later, the signing of Marc Pedraza was made official. Piqué, proud of the hiring, also wanted to share it through his Twitter account. “Wanting to see her in the field“he added to the presentation of the kits made by Andorra himself in his official profiles. Meanwhile, the club continues to grow on the networks. When the Barça center-back took control they barely had a thousand followers. Now with more than 16,000. The important thing, football, will be seen from October 18. In the year of glory, continuity or the abyss.