Piqué: “The Madrid of the first part is one of the worst I have found in the Bernabéu”

Gerard Piqué He attended the press in the mixed zone after the game.

How do they leave the Bernabéu?

Disgusted, we thought we could get a good result because they transmitted very bad feelings, the one in the first part is one of the worst Madrid I have encountered in the Bernabéu. But we have lost control and then they put you back and at any moment you can fit a goal and in a play we fit.

Is the feeling of frustration?

Of missed opportunity, especially in the first part, in which we could have sentenced.

Talk about the worst Madrid having lost is curious …

I do not say it as criticism of Madrid, we also have problems and we are not well, we have lost an opportunity. We had control of the game and if we took advantage of a couple of occasions it would have been a mountain for them. We got one and then the second

How do you see Madrid?

They leave very reinforced and we, touched but not sunk, it is enough for us to win LaLiga if we do things right until the end.

Why do they suffer so much without a ball?

We position ourselves open to give pass lines and if we are solid with the pass lines and we lose it we suffer, losing it in your field is dangerous, the version of the second part we have to improve it.

Vinicius threw a goal?

I don't know if he knocks on the door. I am in inferiority I let him make the decision and try to block chut. For the position of the foot I think he wanted to kick.