Piqué has the ‘enemy’ at home: Clara Chía’s parents do not trust him

Problems in paradise and this time it has nothing to do with Shakira or her vengeful crusade against Gerard Piqué. This time they are the parents of Clara Chia, Luis and Marga, who do not let the couple fully enjoy their crush. The reason? They do not trust the former Barcelona footballer.

“They do not trust that the relationship between their daughter and Piqué has a future”have revealed this Friday in Ana Rosa’s program. This is why the contact and familiarity between Piqué and Clara Chía’s parents are almost non-existent: “Clara goes to Piqué’s parents’ house a lot of times and Piqué has gone to Clara’s parents’ house… two days since Christmas?” they say.

Piqué’s flirtatious fame, who has been linked to several girls in recent months, even accusing him of having been unfaithful to Shakira, scares Clara’s parents, who do not want their daughter to suffer more than she already has. . In addition, the age difference between them (he is 36 years old and she is 24) and the complex personal situation of the president of Kosmos (with his children living in Miami) worry Lluís and Marga a lot, who have had a really bad time since the his daughter’s courtship with Piqué came to light.

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For the moment, the couple’s greatest allies and accomplices continue to be Joan and Montserrat, Piqué’s parents, who welcomed Clara with open arms even before the separation between the former Blaugrana defender and the Colombian artist was made public. The four of them spend time relaxing in the family home in La Cerdanya. “His mother, Montserrat, is delighted and happy with the relationship and she does not put herself into anything at all,” they say.