Piqué faces Gil Manzano and Modric hesitates: “You're waiting to crack, eh …”

Gerard Piqué did not play any minute in the Classic this Saturday, but he starred in one of the images of the match. Once the end of the game was signaled, the Barça defender went to the center of the field to recriminate Gil Manzano for having only added four minutes of discount. “There have been changes and there they have been a minute more. I have looked at it. And four minutes. It is scary”, the central criticized him. The referee admonished the azulgrana, as recorded in the minutes: “Gerard Piqué was reprimanded for making technical observations once the match was over and inside the changing room tunnel.” However, the arbiter of As and Ser, Iturralde González, understands that the central should have seen the red. Modric also took the opportunity to make a comment to Piqué when they both greeted each other and just before the defender headed towards Gil Manzano. “You're waiting to crack now, uh …”, said the Croatian to the azulgrana, according to the Movistar cameras and picked up Carrusel Deportivo.

“You have to expel him. You have to show him the yellow or red card, but he cannot allow them to come eat his head. You can be wrong in a lot of things, but a referee cannot lose his personality and tolerate attitudes outside the regulations “, Iturralde González pointed out, who also adds that Gil Manzano made a mistake in the section of the minutes relating to the warning to Piqué, because “rule 5 empowers the players to be warned after the game, when they have not yet left the field of play, but once they have already reached the changing room tunnel, the referee is not empowered to caution. What you can do in that case is to collect it in the incidents, but not admonish “. According to Iturralde, the warning should have been public and within the field of play.