Piqué, and now what?: his 80 million, his divorce from Shakira and his love for Clara Chía

“Sooner or later I’ll be back.” The player has already swiped it in the announcement of his retirement from the soccer fields. It will be this Saturday 5 after the match between Barcelona and Almería. Pique He is much more than a footballer. He is a media figure and an entrepreneur. On a personal level, he is the ex of Shakira and father of her two children, Milan and Sasha. His high profile for his business is amply accredited: he holds 14 managerial positions in 11 companies, according to what he has published. In addition, Celebrity Net Worth ensures that his assets would amount to 80 million dollars (81.9 million euros).

The player has assured that there is no other contract up his sleeve: “I have always said that after Barça there would be no other team and that is how it will be. This Saturday will be my last game at the Camp Nou, I will become one more culé, I will encourage team and I will transmit my love for Barça to my children just as my family did with me”.

Gerard has his company Kosmos Global, through which he manages the Davis Cup (specifically with Kosmos Tennis). In addition, he created Kosmos Studio to generate sports audiovisual content. He explored digital fields, such as the KOI team in eSports, together with the youtuber Ibai Llanos. The two, partners, are focused on the video games League of Legends and Valorant.

He took command of the Andorran Football Club and raised it to the Second Division. He also acted as an intermediary and reached an agreement with the Spanish Football Federation for the award of the Super Cup to Saudi Arabia.

The personal front that remains to be resolved and closed is his millionaire divorce with the Colombian superstar Shakira. A weighty circumstance that may have influenced the decision to withdraw it. His life with the young Clara Chía, with whom he has been dating for a year, has also weighed.