Piqué and Clara Chía’s romantic kiss after their last game at the Camp Nou

It was very emotional football’s farewell of Gerard Piqué in his last game at the Camp Nou. The Catalan gave an emotional speech and toured the field accompanied by his children, Milan y Sasha.

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Although initially there were no traces of Clara Chia, the young woman in her twenties has been in the stadium supporting her boy. After finishing the game and the applause of the audience, Piqué approached the stands to receive a kiss from his girlfriend, as shown in the images of Gol.

Chía is being the best support for the award-winning athlete who is immersed in closing an agreement for the custody of their children with Shakira that avoids them having to go to trial. The university student and the Colombian’s ex share a love nest in the center of Barcelona.

Piqué’s farewell speech

“First I want to thank because if not I will forget. To the colleagues, to the staff, to the doctors, physios, people from the gym, material, to those who help us make it easier day by day. To the board for all these years…” he began.

“In life, when you get older, you realize that love is sometimes leaving,” he added. At that moment, the Catalan burst into tears and had to take a few seconds to compose himself. Meanwhile, the stands cheered him to the cry of “President!”.

With a broken voice, he continued: “Of so much love and passion between Barcelona and me, I think it was time to leave us a space. A little air. And I am convinced that in the future I will be here again.” To finish, he wanted to emphasize that “this is not a farewell.” “I already left when I was 17 years old and I came back. Tell you that my grandfather made me a partner when I was born. I was born here and I will die here,” he concluded.