Piqué also negotiates a reduction in his salary bill

As AS learned, Gerard Piqué, one of the four Barça captains, with a contract until June 2022, has negotiated a salary cut with the club that, according to some sources, he would be willing to accept. Piqué, who for obvious reasons is surely the footballer who best knows the impact that the COVID-19 crisis has had on the economy of elite clubs, and not only in football, it has had a gesture of complicity that is not heroic at all, but is logical. The negotiation of Piqué to which this newspaper had access joins the information that Catalunya Ràdio provided on Saturday. According to said issuer, Ter Stegen, De Jong and Lenget have refused to sign the burofax in which the reduction in salary that the club proposed by email to its employees was rejected.

Despite the logical leak of information in a club on the eve of an election, Barça trusts that, as happened during the lockdown, the first team will circulate in an alternative lane to that of regular workers. That is why the CEO of the club, Òscar Grau, is trying to reach individual agreements in different directions. Footballers with long contracts like Busquets or Alba were already announced this decline in September. The Ter Stegen road will also be opened, which consists of expanding contracts to defer the amounts. Finally, there are cases in which direct cuts will be attacked and in which solidarity with the club mileuristas is expected. Simply because there is less income.