Piqué already has one foot in Miami: new disagreement with Shakira and hotel accommodation

The former soccer player will be reunited with his children this Wednesday on the other side of the pond. For the first time since milan and sasha They will move to Miami with their mother, Gerard Piqué fly to be with them. Although the separation agreement granted him ten days a month to be with them, this time it will be only five.

According to Lorena Vázquez, the legal teams of Shakira and Piqué would have had problems with this first visit, since the former Barça player was with Milan and Sasha in the first days of May, so he would have already ‘spent’ in Barcelona some of those ten that correspond to him per month. The fact is that he will only be with the children until May 1, five in a row. They will meet again at the end, also coinciding with the school holidays for minors.

Piqué will stay these days in a hotel near the children’s school and will take the opportunity to look for an apartment where he can settle in future stays, since his intention is to have a fixed residence to be able to give his children more stability.

In addition, the journalist assures that there are no impediments for Clara Chia trip with Piqué to Miami, that is, Shakira would not have objected, but they have decided that it is best for her to stay in Barcelona until the situation normalizes. Afterwards, it is very likely that she will accompany him. The couple also just got back from a romantic trip to Abu Dhabi.where they celebrated the 24th anniversary of the Catalan in an exclusive hotel with a swimming pool.