Pipi Estrada sentences Carmen Borrego after her abandonment of ‘Survivors’: “It has been a failure of the borreguil system”

Carmen Borrego was the star signing of Survivors 2024 and although in the three weeks that its contest has lasted it has given glorious moments, the truth is that its abandonment has left the viewers of the survival reality show with honey on their lips. Terelu Campos’ sister leaves the island of Honduras on medical orders, due to her anxiety.

“I have so many feelings at the same time that I don’t know, on the one hand I would like to be able to continue, continue with my teammates, but I don’t know if I am prepared to do it, that is the reality,” lamented this Thursday the aunt of Alejandra Rubio, before to be informed of the doctors’ decision. Two days before, she received support from her sister from Spain.

Pipi Estrada, enemy of the Campos family due to his remembered affair with Terelu, has sentenced the contest of María Teresa Campos’ daughter this Friday from Fiesta. He has described the abandonment as “failure of the sheep system.” And she has indicated: “The audience is not going to choose her as employee of the month.”

The sports journalist has passed sentence against Borrego: “I will not be his executioner, but the images do not deceive. He has lacked effort, solidarity and everything he has achieved from videos has been thanks to Ángel Cristo. It has been a nullity. The Borreguil system “She has to accept defeat. I wasn’t prepared physically or anything.”

Outside, Carmen also has several open fronts. Not only will she face criticism from her Telecinco colleagues, but also the news about the separation of her son, José María Almogueraand his daughter-in-law, Paola Olmedojust nine months after becoming parents.