Pilar Rubio, heir to Ana Obregón’s summer pose: “My impossible dream is to be a rock star”

Pilar Rubio returns to the media with its latest bathroom collection for Selmark and he does it in what could already be the summer perch once Ana Obregon He left that classic that is now part of the history of Spain. Pilar’s is more urban, like her, but it smells like a pool or a salty sea and she has been inspired by paradisiacal beaches, probably the ones she visits with her husband. Sergio Ramos and their children on vacation, to launch five bathroom models. Pilar shows off her body and assures that the rumors of her crisis with her husband are the fruit of the press’s imagination. The eldest denies it and does so in a tone between tired and annoyed but always with that smile that she left Ramos speechless and that today her children have inherited. Mother of a large family, wife in love, and hard-working like few others, Pilar will always be the girl with the microphone who spent hours in front of the doors to get a headline. Today hers are worth her weight in gold.

There are five swimsuits he produces and four children he has. Is it a nod to what may come?

PR: It doesn’t really have any meaning since every season I release five or six models. I choose prints and then I create the garments that I try to have a point of exclusivity. But what fine thread! I assure you it has nothing to do with my children.

How are you doing with this hectic activity that you are doing?

PR: This year has been non-stop and I have had to manage everything to be able to be in two places at the same time. It has been between Madrid and Seville but also in Barcelona and the Canary Islands, although I confess that I feel very happy and content because I do what I like.

That is why it is said that scabies does not itch with pleasure.

PR: I confess that I like my job and after 28 years professionally speaking, seeing how you are achieving new challenges, I don’t see why I won’t do them. As long as I can combine everything I will continue there.

Is having more children something that is still being considered or has a stage closed?

PR: If a child comes along, go ahead but I don’t think it will happen because with all the work I do I find it a bit difficult (laughs).

Are you still willing to maintain the family unit above all else even if that means packing your bags again and moving again?

PR: The most important thing is my family and being united. I try to make my profession and my family compatible and obviously that takes away many hours from doing other things because I don’t stop taking planes but it is part of my job and I am not always in a fixed place. Anyway, I’m used to this rhythm.

Can you explain to me how you manage to be so energetic after four children and be the envy of all women?

PR: In the end, being well is a routine and I assure you that for me sport is more about mental health and to eliminate body pain. When one week I can’t do sports due to lack of time or due to an injury I have sustained, I assure you that my whole body starts to hurt. Even my digestive system works a thousand times better when I train. It is beneficial in every way.

Do you get used to living in a continuous rumor of crisis in your marriage?

PR: I assure you that I don’t care about those rumors and they are not part of my life. Furthermore, they are things that only appear in the media. I see it as something from outside that has nothing to do with me.

And is your life as idyllic as it appears on your social networks or does it only show a friendly face?

PR: Everyone uses the networks as they wish and in my case I try to get useful things, share family plans or show work that I am proud of. My life is like everyone’s since there is no perfect life. I recognize that it is very difficult for me to reconcile my work with family and the important thing is to find a balance to be happy. The day I can’t achieve the daily goals that I set for myself, I will approach things differently, but I assure you that my life is like anyone else’s.

The problems of a mother with a large family and those of a marriage that has already been together for twelve years… Is twelve with Sergio Ramos too many?

PR: I feel it as if it were yesterday and not that twelve years have already passed. I assure you that I am just as happy and as good as the first day and as the years go by you appreciate more things because you know your partner better and that means you have more in common.

That’s called growing together in the same direction, something that doesn’t happen to all couples and hence their luck.

PR: It’s true. It is exactly growing together.

Are you still working on the sewing machine or are there no longer even those free moments to take hems?

PR: Impossible. I even go with the bottom of the jacket unstitched or without a button. Who has seen me and who sees me.

It has everything a person could want: health, love, money… What dream do you have left?

PR: There are things that have never happened and I know that they will no longer happen, like being a rock star with my band and going on tour with my guitar. It was always my dream, but it’s impossible now.

Is there anything impossible for a woman who faces all the challenges that are proposed to her?

PR: My priorities today are elsewhere and it is impossible due to lack of time. But in life you also have to understand that not everything can be and accept it with resignation.

What motivates you every day?

PR: Being able to do a job that I like and that I find different and very stimulating every day. I wouldn’t want to stagnate and that’s why I enjoy meeting goals and achieving objectives.

You can see that he is doing well.

PR: Well yes.


Where did you wake up this morning?

PR: In Madrid.

The last time you cried?

PR: I do not remember.

And his last lie?

PR: A joke I made to a new colleague at our agency. I pretended to be a very laid-back diva and the poor thing was freaking out. I could only endure the joke for half an hour.

His last whim.

PR: I have bought two recipe books on macro nutrition and guilt-free sweets.

What you dislike most about yourself.

PR: Not being able to reach everything. Stay up late at night and that pisses me off a lot.

If I were invisible what would I do?

PR: Go to a Rolling Stones rehearsal.

Have you ever hissed?

PR: I don’t remember.

Do you remember the last message you saved on your mobile?

PR: I said that I arrived at four o’clock for a meeting. Now that I think about it, it’s a lie because I don’t think I’ll have time.