Pilar Rubio denies her crisis with Ramos and assures that there has been no fight in the Sevilla box: “We love each other madly”

On December 12, after the party for presenters and stars of Atresmedia, he already said: “We are fine as alwaysI can't tell you anything else. Look, what we work with The Anthillwhich keeps me rehearsing and working all day. I don't have time to deny nonsense“. He spoke along the same lines this Tuesday, when Pilar Rubio has attended the presentation of TVE programming.

“We have always been a united family. We love each other madly and we enjoy every day together and that is the case for now and will continue to be that way.. I feel like every day they invent something new nonsense but we don't have time to deny“, said the presenter, who premiered a program about makeup on RTVE Play, especially smiling, Make up Starswith which she is very excited.

Regarding her and her current situation with Sergio Ramos, she emphasizes: “We are very well, we love each other a lot, We don't have crises, I'm not pregnant. We have a very normal life. I'm sorry you really like Turkish soap operas.“. In this sense, he has also denied having had a big fight with the footballer's family in the Sevilla box, as has been said on television sets: “They say so much nonsense that it is a bit amazing. I do kick boxing, I don't need to hit anyone outside“.

On the other hand, in 2024 he asks: “May we be healthy, may we continue the same as always and May my children be happy and we be united as a family“.

Regarding his four children, he has also joked: “At this time I value school more because so many days at home…”, he said with a laugh, and then spoke seriously about Christmas as a family: “It's a time to spend it with them, at home and away from home. We walk, we see Christmas lights and they take it with great enthusiasm. You can believe so many things it's wonderful. “We are children again.”

On the other hand, he has clarified that he will not accompany Sergio Ramos at Alejandro Sanz's 55th birthday, which will be celebrated this Tuesday at the Barceló Theater in Madrid. However, she has indicated that it is not because of an alleged crisis with her husband: “I can't be in two places at the same time, at the moment I don't have a clone”.

Finally, he also spoke about the city in which he lives with the defender and his four children following the player's return to the Seville club: “Everything is fine in Seville, it is wonderful, a spectacular time. I have many friends there and it is like being at home too, I have worked there for many years. I have Madrid and Seville, it is a good combination to be honest.“. We must remember that on some occasion, the Antena 3 collaborator and now RTVE presenter He has not spoken very well of the capital of Seville, which had also triggered rumors that he was not feeling well there. A few months ago, Ramos traveled alone to enjoy the April Fair with her friends and family while she stayed in Madrid visiting museums: “I'm more into the Book Fair,” she told reporters.

Rumors of an alleged crisis were triggered after she did not accompany her husband to the Latin Grammys held in Seville about a month ago.