Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos reappear after rumors of separation: luxury purchases in Madrid

Pilar Rubio (45) y Sergio Ramos (37) They discreetly face the rumors that for a few months have pointed to their separation. His continuous and mysterious absences from family plans and public events, as well as his little activity on social networks, made us think that something was wrong between them. There was even talk of alleged infidelity on the part of the Sevillian. However, A few days ago they were photographed with their childrenstarring in a family picture that we had not seen for a long time.

The presenter and the footballer traveled together from Seville to Madrid with their four children, Sergio Jr (9), Marco (8), Alejandro (5) and Máximo Adriano (3), of whom they were very attentive at all times. This is confirmed in the images that the magazine published this Wednesday Weekand which show that marriage does not lead to a separate life, as was commented.

The athlete and the model were also captured taking a walk through the streets of Madrid's Golden Milewhere they made some purchases in luxury boutiques.

Moving plans?

Although they established their life in the Andalusian capital after the signing of Sergio Ramos at Sevilla Fútbol Club, the presenter wants to live in Madrid. However, The athlete feels very happy in his hometownand this is, according to the publication, its main point of friction.

Nevertheless, maybe both of them have reached an agreement so that, in the absence of returning to Madrid, Ramos makes an effort to travel more to this city and promote his wife's routine. Likewise, they continue to maintain their base in the Andalusian city.