Pierre Oriola reinforces Marc Gasol’s Basketball Girona


The power forward Pierre Oriola, who left FC Barcelona last month, will play for Marc Gasol’s Bàsquet Girona this season, the Catalan club confirmed this Saturday.

Oriola, a Spanish international with experience in the Endesa League (317 games) and the Euroleague (142), was “excited” to be able to make his debut in Fontajau. “I am very happy to arrive in Girona and to be able to play alongside Marc and be coached by Aíto. The goal is to have a good season, take steps forward in this project and try to put my grain of sand and my experience at the service of the team “, he pointed.

The Catalan trained in the lower categories of CN Tàrrega, Lleida Bàsquet and Bàsquet Manresa, and made his ACB debut at the age of 17 in the 2009-10 season with the Manresa team. The siguiente season would combine Manresa with the linked team of EBA, CE Sant Nicolau.

He stayed with the Catalan team until 2012, when he joined Força Lleida de LEB Oro. After that, he went through Club Baloncesto Peñas Huesca (2013-14) and returned to the ACB with Baloncesto Sevilla (2014-16). , Valencia Basket Club (2016-17) and FC Barcelona (2017-22).

Thus, he joins the arrivals of Dusan Miletic, Aleksandr Bursac, Quino Colom, Pato Garino, Pol Figueras, Roko Prkacin, Kameron Taylor and Ondrej Hanzlik and the renewal of Jaume Sorolla, Josep Franch, Maxi Fjellerup and Eric Vila.