“Pichones, let’s go all out!”: Blanca Paloma’s rallying cry before the Eurovision final

The big day has come. This Saturday White Dove will go up on the Eurovision stage to represent our country with his theme Hey in Liverpool (United Kingdom). Hours before the show, the singer remembered her chicksas he calls his fans, and has sent them a message.

“We are ready, the big day has arrived. Pigeons, let’s go all out. The microphone is waiting for us. I’m ready. If Europe is ready for Spain to win Eurovision, I’m ready. Until Liverpool and beyond,” said the artist from Elche

Blanca Paloma will sing in eighth place in the grand finale of the 67th edition of the music festival. She will do it in front of what sounds like a great favorite, the Swedish of flowerswho returns through the front door with his song Tattoo after his victory in 2012 with the mythical Euphoria.

It should be remembered that Chanel performed in tenth place in 2022, among Italians Mahmood y Blanco and the reigning champions, Kalush Orchestraand even so, he achieved the third historical place for Spain with Slomo. The Eurovision 2023 final will be held this Saturday, May 13, starting at 9:00 p.m. The Spanish representative will take the stage around 9:45 p.m., as reported by RTVE. The gala can be seen on television on La 1.

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