Pezzella and Cutrone test positive for coronavirus

Fiorentina has made an official statement in which Patrick Cutrone and Germán Pezzella have tested positive for coronavirus, as well as the team's physiotherapist, Stéfano Dainelli. These cases are joined by Dusan Vlahovic, who had some symptoms. At the moment, everyone is well in their respective homes. Florencepending evolution.


Italian Cutrone, on loan from Wolverhampton, arrived on the winter market, while Argentine Pezzella is the team captain. Serbian striker Dusan Vlahovic has been with the club for two years. There are already nine cases in three days of soccer players in Italy who have coronaviruses, in addition to Rugani, Colley, Ekdal, La Gumina, Gabbiadini Y Thorsby.


Remember that Italy It is one of the main foci affected by the coronavirus, and that not only have competitions been suspended there, but the state of sanitary alarm has been decreed, something similar to what happens in Spain, so the shops are closed and most of the people are at home.