Petrovic: “You can lose, but not like some girls”

Radosav Petrovic spoke after the defeat of Almería against Las Palmas and was dispatched at ease at the end of the match at the Gran Canaria Stadium. “If we do not change some things, we will fight not to descend. This attitude sucks, so you can't play soccer “, commented the midfielder after losing (2-0) to Las Palmas, with a phrase that will give much to talk about. “You can lose, but not like girls, not that way”commented the Serbian.


The Almería midfielder asks for more from the Indálico dressing room. “We have quality and talent, that is our value, there is no doubt about that. There are players who are going to be transferred like Darwin, but with this attitude you can't play football. We have a commitment and I don't differentiate between myself and other players, more concentration, “said Petrovic, emphasizing the attitude.” It happened the same as in the last games, we lose easily. The other team doesn't do much more, but they are more concrete, they know what they want, they score a goal and they are a strong block in the average. We are not looking for options to break your lines. With that attitude you can't play “, he stressed.

Shield / Flag Almería

The Indálico '8' warns that what could happen to Deportivo last year. “More patience is lacking, I understand that because there are many young players and some are not adapted. That is not a problem, but as a group We need to change because it can happen to us like Deportivo last year, which went down to Second B. “, he slashed before throwing another dart. “Not even Messi scores goals by dribbling three as has happened to us”, ended in a statement that will bring tail.