Pérez de Vargas: “I think this generation deserved it after the Rio hit”

MADRID, Jan. 26 (SportsFinding) –

The goalkeeper of the Spanish handball team Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas acknowledged the happiness of having won the European on Sunday, a success he deserved “this generation after the hit” that meant staying out of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro months after Having won the first continental title.

“There are many emotions together. I think this generation deserved this after the hit of Rio de Janeiro and it has been known to lift and has done a cycle of the host. We all had that thorn nailed and winning two years ago was the milk, but repeat , the level that we have given and the Olympic pass are many awards at the same time and I am speechless, “Pérez de Vargas said euphorically to the TVE microphone.

The Barça goalkeeper said that he had “a team similar in character” and that the game was “similar” to the one he measured on Wednesday at the close of the second phase. “But I think we have shown that we were cooler and when we went down to 6-0 it cost them a lot,” he said.

“I would like to highlight everyone's work, but in the center of the defense, Viran (Morros) and 'Gede' (Guardiola) have been spectacular. We have made an almost perfect championship and it has been totally deserved,” he said.