Pepe Sancho is next: his son will score an Ángel Cristo Jr on television and the actor's widow is very worried

Alejandro Sancho Jimenezson of Pepe Sancho y Maria Jimenezwill offer a television interview this Friday that will follow the same trail as that of Angel Christ Jr. This is predicted by the actor's widow, Reyes Monforte, who fears the consequences of what may happen this weekend.

The widow of the Valencian interpreter, who died on March 3, 2013, is “very concerned” about the broadcast of ¡De friday!, the program that gave space to Bárbara Rey's son to air the family's alleged dirty laundry. According to Week, Monforte doesn't want Alejandro to talk too much.

The journalist and writer was the second wife of the man who was the protagonist of Curro Jimenez. They lived their last years of their relationship calmly and happily, which does not exempt the artist from responsibilities for his controversial past.

The singer María Jiménez made history in the feminist movement in Spain for standing before the actor, whom he accused of mistreatment about her for years. An example of this is It's overthe singer's song that became popular again after her death last September, and that was used for the spot that the Government prepared this year on the occasion of 25N, International Day against Gender Violence.

Now, the author of novels like A Burka for Love swallows saliva. “She knows perfectly well that Pepe's son will go on television, and that most likely he will not leave his father in a good place”, sources close to the writer comment to the aforementioned media.

The journalist deals with the “tension” and “nerves” that the interview generates. “She feels uncomfortable” before everything that can come out of Alejandro's mouth, which “is not a dish of good taste.” Likewise, “he does not plan to say a word about this, neither now nor after what Alejandro may say.”

Beyond the stormy relationship that his parents had, Alejandro will talk on the program about other issues that hit the family. Among them, the death of María del Rocío, daughter of Sancho and Jiménez, died in a tragic traffic accident at the age of 16 in 1985.