Pepe Gandía, María Ángeles Grajal's boyfriend, her great support during her serious operation

Hard setback for Maria Angeles Grajal. Far from spending Christmas enjoying his new love (the businessman Pepe Gandia), the widow of the bullfighter Jaime Ostos spent six days admitted to the La Zarzuela Hospital, in Madrid. On the 24th she underwent emergency surgery for circulatory failure in her right leg. As she herself revealed, it was “life or death.” Although these holidays have been complicated for the doctor, she herself acknowledged that Pepe Gandía, her current boyfriend, was her great support.

“Not a single day has left my side,” he told the newspaper this Saturday. ABC. Likewise, María Ángeles revealed that both, along with a group of friends, planned to spend the end of the year in Marrakech. However, given the circumstances, Pepe canceled the trip. A token of love that she appreciates. “When everything is great the relationship is easier but when things don't go well you know the other person better,” she noted.

Regarding his delicate state of health, Grajal confessed that he was admitted to the emergency room almost for life or death. “On the 24th they had to admit me to the emergency room to have an iliofemoral bypass because I had peripheral circulatory failure in my right leg and it was horrible. Almost life or death,” he told the aforementioned newspaper.

Likewise, Jaime Ostos' former wife explained that she had been having pain in her leg for two days, but related it to fatigue. However, after going to the hospital, they told her that her flow rate was two percent. “Something very serious, I spent three days in the ICU and another three in the ward,” she stressed.

Next January 8th marks two years since the death of Jaime Ostos. The bullfighter suffered a heart attack in Colombia, while he was enjoying a few days of rest with his wife. After the tragic news, María Ángeles was broken. However, last spring she regained her enthusiasm with her current boyfriend, businessman Pepe Gandía.