Pep Guardiola: “We have played with the pain of a year, with great intensity”

“Everyone talks about Haaland, but without Rodri it would have been impossible”


The Spanish coach of Manchester City, Pep Guardiola, acknowledged his team’s hunger for revenge this Wednesday against Real Madrid, for last year’s elimination, “a pain” that they knew how to get with the 4-0 that eliminated the whites and He quoted the English with Inter Milan in the final on June 10 in Istanbul.

“You always expect to do well, but no (I expected superiority). We played with the pain of a year that we have had in the belly because of what happened and today we have brought it all out. We have had fantastic energy. We have attacked very well for inside and we have taken that out. These games have to be played with great intensity”, he said in statements to Movistar Plus, collected by Europa Press.

The coach of the English praised his team for a new display at home this season. “In the first leg I decided to put an interior further back and today I decided to put it further forward, so we had people, when we managed to get out, we found spaces to attack with more fluidity”, he pointed out.

“We had the right energy, after so much pain, for a year, we only thought about what had happened, when the first leg was very similar. At home we feel very strong this year, we have scored many goals,” he added.

Guardiola confessed that he did not see the match sentenced until the last minutes, fearing the epic from Courtois’ saves. “What he did last year. They gave the Ballon d’Or to Benzema but if they had given it to Courtois it would have been deserved too. With the 3-0 yes, but with 2-0 in the second half we have rushed a lot .We have accelerated, when we had to sink them and turn them. It is normal”, he affirmed.

On the other hand, the Catalan coach highlighted the role of Spanish Rodri in midfield. “To Rodri what a year, without him we would not be here. Everyone talks about Haaland, but without Rodri it would have been impossible. The continuity he has had, he has become the best midfielder we have. All year, today he has been imperial After the party that we have done against the Real Madrid know the people what is going to say”, aimed.

Thus, Guardiola left his first warning about Inter. “An Italian team is an Italian team. There is nothing better for an Italian team than not giving it as a favourite. We will have to run a lot,” he finished, thinking about the triplet titles, with the Premier within sight this weekend for later go for the FA Cup and Champions League.