Penélope Cruz dresses as a bride to marry Chanel and with the Met Gala dedicated to Karl Lagerfeld

Penelope Cruz has arrived on the red carpet dressed as a bride, with a 1988 Chanel bridal design, to celebrate, three days after her 49th birthday, her marriage with the event dedicated to her beloved Karl Lagerfeldcreative director of the maison from 1983 until his death on February 19, 2019.

Because the Spanish has been one of the hostesses and the star of the evening that under the title Karl Lagerfeld: A Line Of Beauty It paid homage to its beloved designer and, of course, to one of the brands of which it is the image. the woman of Javier Bardem (below, posing with Dua Lipa) has reached the red carpet with this splendid design in white and ending with the veil, a true bride for all of us to give her the ‘yes, I want’ that the interpreter deserves.

The dress has a tulle skirt with a lot of volume and a tight-fitting bodice with a generous neckline from which the veil that covers the Madrid actress’s hair is born. The ensemble is packed with sequins, jewel details and a pearl-studded belt.

“My dear Carl…”

Moments before going to the gala, the actress dedicated some heartfelt and beautiful words to the German designer who was her muse: “My dear Karl, I hope you are feeling the love. I know you are”, reads the note that accompanies the chosen photo. “My dear Karl, I hope you feel the love. I know you feel it,” says the Spanish woman next to the nine photographs in which she appears with Chanel’s creative director.